Taking social networking’s power outside the network

If Facebook followed Bernard Lunn’s advice and put its weight behind something like Uncrunch America, I’d be happy. I wouldn’t be happy because of anything about Uncrunch America, in particular, though. Rather, I’d be happy because it would serve as an example of where Facebook was capable of harnessing its users and developers for pressing social needs. Of course, Facebook already offers ways for people to support social causes, so in a sense, the kind of move Lunn advocates wouldn’t be too unorthodox. But it would also suggest Facebook has potential for people to help one another, rather than provide only a platform on which people can share amongst themselves, or organize to them take action outside of Facebook itself.

As Lunn puts it: “Surely the web is more than just a tool to hurl sheep?”

Or am I just not familiar enough with other similar efforts – i.e., is this not unique?

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